We’re having a party! 

Well, it is almost here...our very first Deasy Family Reunion and the excitement is building! 95 Deasy relatives, will gather at Tom and Diane Deasy's home, to reconnect and meet new family members. Our parents would be so happy to know that we were getting together.

We look forward to seeing you and can't wait to celebrate our heritage too! Here's a reminder:

What: Deasy Family Reunion
When: Saturday July 28, 2018
Time: 2:30pm-?
Where: Tom and Diane Deasy’s Home
257 Herrmann Dr.
Avon Lake, Ohio
440-670-2301 (Tom)
RSVP Instructions
  • Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "For any information click here to contact event organizer"
  • Fill in this form with the number attending

Update July 17, 2018: 95 family members will be coming in 11 days! The newest additions are Jim and Violet Deasy, son of Jim and Gladys! We are so excited!

Order your T-shirts now!
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  • All T-shirts are $10
  • Adult (S-XXL) and youth (XS-L) sizes available
  • Order by:  July 17, 2018
  • Pick up at the Welcome Table at the Party

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Reminders for the Big Day
  • Did you order a T-shirt? Deadline is July 17
  • Significant Times to remember:
    • ​Begins at 2:30
    • Photographer will be here from 3-5
    • Dinner will be served from 4-6
  • Be sure to BYOB of you would like something other than Wine and Home Brewed Beer; Water, lemonade or Iced Tea
  • We do have a tent with tables and chairs chairs but if you would like to bring your own chair, feel free!
  • Come with stories!
How Can You Help?
1. Let's Create a Family Tree

We would like to duplicate this idea around one of Tom and Diane's trees. Please bring some photos of your parents (Jim, Gladys, Joe, Rosalie, Helen, Cliff, Martha, Bob, Dorothy, Betty, Joe); photos of your family and the next gererations. We will have clothes pins available to attach to the tree so that everyone can see your history which is Deasy History!
2. Donations Accepted
Many of you have asked how you could help which is so very kind. We will have a donation basket at the welcome table for any who wish to add a little to the event.
3. Bring Items to display and stories to share
Feel free to bring anything that you would like to share with us from pictures, momentos and even stories written for everyone to see. Tom, Diane and Wendra have successfuly created our family tree (, which we will consolodate and have available for everyone in some form! It goes back to the 1700's!
Fun Facts about the Deasy Family
Great Grandfather: Mr. Timothy H. Deasy
  • Parents: James and Ellen (Scannel) Deasy
    • Natives of Cork, Ireland
    • Emigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1836
    • ​Left for Lancaster county, Pennsylvania in 1838
  • Born on February 29, 1840 Lancaster.
  • Around 1860 his father died and the "orphaned"* family moved from Pennsylvania to Mineral Ridge, Mahoning county, Ohio.
  • Employed at the Warner Furnace Company
    • ​Stayed there until the "breaking out of the war of 1861-1865"*
  • After many attempts to join the 8th Ohio regiment and was refused because of full quotas, Timothy joined the "Carroll Guards at Youngsotwn, Ohio, taking 3 mos of service"*
  • Enlisted for three years as a member of Company G, 26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    • ​Was with the Army of Cumberland most of the time
    • Made coporal on merit in 1863
  • Family moved to Cleveland during the war where Timothy went after his honorable discharge from the army at Chatanooga, Tennessee: July 25, 1864
*Quotes from the book A History of Catholicity In Northern Ohio
(Stay tuned for more updates....)

Our Grandfather: James Deasy
  • Parents: Timothy and Mary (Bambrick) Deasy
  • Born 1879. Died 1947
  • Worked for the JB Savage publishing house
  • Married Martha Sykora (Born 1887)
  • Had 6 children
  • President of the Avon Lake School Board
    • Responsible for building the high school
    • ​​​KKK burned a cross on his front yard because he was Catholic!
Some fun facts on "the kids!"
 ​Aunt Helen:
  • To protest the non-transportation of the Catholic children to school, Aunt Helen lay down in front of a school bus!  
  • Co-wrote Avon Lake's Alma Mater which is still sung today
Jim and Joe: 
  • Second graduating class of ALHS. There were 5 in the class!
Addtional Civil War Info:
  • Timothy Deasy and his brother Cornelius, fought in the Civil War
    • Timothy Deasy, G, 6/25/1861, private, promoted to coporal on 1/25/1862. He was the last color guard standing at the assault on Missionary Ridge. He mustered out at the expiration of his enlistment, 7/25/1864
    • Cornelius Deasy, G, private, captured at the Battle of Chicamauga on 9/20/1863. Died in Andersonville prison on 8/1/1864 of chronic diarrhea. Buried in grave #4501
Tom Deasy's DNA! Is it similar to yours?
Family Album
Below are some photos from Terry Barschow and Karen Seavers. If you have some that you would like to add to this website just scan and email to me and I will put them up! 
Please enjoy. Do you recognize everyone?
Grandpa Deasy
Grandpa Deasy

Our Grandfather, James Deasy!
Here is the whole family. Can you find yourself?
Grandpa, Grandma and Gladys.       Who is the baby?
Grandpa, Grandma and Gladys. Who is the baby?
Gladys, Grandma Deasy, Betty, Helen and Helen Livingston!
Gladys, Grandma Deasy, Betty, Helen and Helen Livingston!
Back row: Joe O'Connor, Cliff Barschow, Helen, Betty, Martha, Rosalie  Front Row: Mike, Bob, Dick
Back row: Joe O'Connor, Cliff Barschow, Helen, Betty, Martha, Rosalie Front Row: Mike, Bob, Dick
Joyce, Denny, Terry
Joyce, Denny, Terry

Look how cute these three are???
Looks like they are at the Avon Lake, Lake Rd. property!
Terry and Kathy
Terry and Kathy

Look at that pretty smile from Kathie O'Connor! She really trusts Terry on that swing!
Cliff, Helen, G and G Barschow, Grandma Deasy, '?' Martha.     Denny, Mike, Joyce and Terry in front.
Cliff, Helen, G and G Barschow, Grandma Deasy, "?" Martha. Denny, Mike, Joyce and Terry in front.

Looks like the same location as above and a gathering of Barschow's and Deasy's. Don't know who is next to Martha, but it's not Betty!

Who are these people?
Does Anyone know who these people might be? If so, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on contact event organizer and submit an answer!
Betty with cowboy boots!
Betty with cowboy boots!

Betty absolutely loved this picture of herself. She could remember the circumstances surrounding this picture, where she was and why she had boots on! She looks so cute!
Bob and Dorthy's wedding! Look at the size of the family!

Linda Deasy and Karen O'Connor...all dressed up!

What are they thinking?